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Peoples Exchange Bank has designed checking accounts specifically for individuals seeking a fresh start with banking. StartFresh Basic and StartFresh Checking® accounts provide a second chance at first-class banking.

At our discretion, we may pay and permit transactions for items, including checks, pre-authorized automatic debits, telephone-initiated transfers or other electronic transfers, when there are not sufficient available funds. We reserve the right not to pay. A Bounce/NSF Paid Item(s) Charge or NSF Returned Items(s) Charge of $32.00 will be assessed for each item that is paid or returned. An Overdraft Sweep Fee of $5.00 will apply for any pre-authorized automatic transfer between accounts to cover an overdraft. Any overdraft must be repaid as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the account balance was first negative.

We cannot authorize or pay overdrafts for ATM or point-of-sale debit card transactions unless the account holder authorizes us to do so. If the account holder does not authorize us to pay an overdraft on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, the transaction will be declined.