Debit Cards

Simplify your life with a Peoples Exchange Bank VISA® Debit Card. Use your VISA® Debit Card to pay for purchases online or in millions of locations where VISA® is accepted.

The VISA® Debit Cards issued by Peoples Exchange Bank are protected by FraudWatch® Plus to offer you round-the-clock protection against debit card fraud. This partnership allows us to provide industry leading technology, tools and the expertise to manage fraud. Experienced analysts watch for any suspicious card activity and will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card. Learn more about debit cards by watching this short Debit or Credit QuickLearn presentation.

Benefits of a PEB VISA® Debit Card

  • 24-Hour ATM access
  • Access up to $300 a day at the ATM 
  • Pay no annual or monthly fees
  • FraudWatch® Plus

*Limits can be temporarily raised for large withdrawals and purchases by calling your local branch.


Activate your Peoples Exchange Bank VISA® Debit Card by calling 800-448-8268 or use your card to make a withdrawal or balance inquiry with your PIN at any ATM.

Disputed Charges

If you would like to dispute charges on your card, please call your local branch.

Lost/Stolen Card

If you think your Peoples Exchange Bank VISA® Debit Card has been lost or stolen, please let us know immediately. During business hours call (800) 364-3631. After business hours and on weekends, call (800) 791-2525

Replacement cards are mailed within 7-10 business days or rush order can be placed for a nominal fee.

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