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Peoples Exchange Bank is committed to providing our members with the highest quality, most comprehensive banking tools. To help us deliver these services to you, we have selected partners and service providers who are well-established industry leaders with proven track records. We are committed to making your online banking experience convenient and secure and providing the best member service possible when you need assistance. 

Identity Theft

Peoples Exchange Bank will NEVER solicit customers by e-mail or telephone requesting personal information, passwords, or account information such as your credit card number, ATM PIN or social security number. 

What is identity theft?

Identity theft (also known as identity fraud) is the misappropriation of another person's identifying information in order to:

  • obtain credit fraudulently from banks and retailers;
  • steal money from the victim's existing accounts;
  • apply for loans;
  • establish accounts with utility companies;
  • rent an apartment;
  • file for bankruptcy;
  • obtain a job; or
  • achieve other financial gain using the victim's name. 
There are two main classes of economic crime related to identity theft:

Account takeover occurs when an identity thief acquires a person's existing credit or bank account information and either withdraws money or makes purchases. Victims usually learn of account takeover when they receive their monthly credit card or bank account statement. 

In true identity theft, an identity thief uses another person's Social Security number and other identifying information to fraudulently open new accounts for financial gain. Victims may be unaware of the fraud for an extended period of time, which can allow the criminal to continue the use for months or even years. 

Privacy Notice

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